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Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.


Private Dining Room 1
This room is great for intimate private dinners or corporate dinners that require AV or a boardroom style table.  Equipped with a smart television mounted on the wall which works nicely for presentations or projections.  Completely enclosed, this room works nicely for groups of 20 or less looking for a more intimate space.

Private Dining Room 2
This private dining room works well for groups up to 40.  This private dining room opens up onto the patio with the option to reserve a portion of the patio for your private group as well.  This group is well suited for occasion dinners such as rehearsal dinners, receptions, showers, as well as larger corporate dinners.  Typically set with round tables, plated dinners are a hit in this space.   

Bar + Side Lounge
This area of the restaurant can be closed off to accommodate a variety of different sized groups.  Well suited for groups of 40-100, this large space features access to the bar and ample space for mingling + seated dinners  This vast area woks perfectly for large, after work cocktail hours as well as celebration and special occasion dinners and get-togethers.  Buffet style spreads, plated menus, or a mix of both lend themselves well to the space and allows for a very customizable experience for your next event.  

For the more culinary adventurous, we have our Omakase area.  Omakase translates to “trust the chef” and allows for an intimate dining experience focused around the food for groups of 30 or less.  Typically enjoying a tasting menu, this space highlights the chef’s creativity and allows for a more adventurous “foodie” dinner experience.  The Omakase area features a private chef that leads the dinner for a truly unique experience.  

Full Facility Events
We do offer the restaurant for large events up to 350 guests.  Please inquire for full facility buy out information. 

Call (919) 677-9229 to reserve
a room for your reception or party.